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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Tamaulipas no less exploited : STyPS

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . So far have not been cases of children working and being exploited, said the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare.

At the end of his appearance before the House of Rafael Gonzalez Benavides state Congress reveals that the labor law allows children under 14 to 17 years, but under specific authorization and tutors circumstances , when there is compatibility between study and work , as well that conditions exist to ensure the safety and infants.

" For under 14 to 16 years where working hours must be 6 hours, and children must be well in school , have the approval of their parents , and must be supervised by an inspector of the Board conciliation "

In this vein said " this year in Tamaulipas have it extended 20 business permits, but many people do not hire minors age 14 and older , in addition to 14 down is prohibited from hiring ."

Permits to work less are sought by parents of the same , and granted, provided that not perform inhuman and unhealthy work .

In the case of minors who serve in local supermarkets as ' matches ' ​​, Gonz├ílez severe Benavides that there are no cases of those in the state, it said "if you have noticed, and they became people older , working in service shops . "

The penalties apply to employers who violate this federal law , it was not expressed by the head of the Ministry of Labor but said " it would proceed with the closure of the workplace ."
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