Mortgage Cubil: July 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

3 Methods of delegation

Delegation is something that can be done in different ways. Usually better to delegate to a person's total liability:

1. - A task
2. - A project
3. - A function

If divided among several people, it creates a situation where the work does not belong to anyone. (Ex.'s role in the edge of the table, everyone sees that is going to fall, they say nobody grabs and role falls) if he does not belong to anyone, not performed satisfactorily.

If you have no experience delegating, the easiest method to start is to commission a task. This is to delegate a specific task: Write a report, seek information or arrange a meeting.

Delegate a project involves a higher level of delegation. Increases the range of custom delegate and, as a rule, it is necessary that the delegate can take a wide range of responsibilities. Delegation Examples of projects: developing a new employee handbook, conduct a customer survey, or train new employees on new software.

Leaders with many collaborators may prefer to delegate functions. A function is a group of tasks and projects related to an ongoing activity, such as sales, marketing or training. Following this method, each function is delegated to a staff member, which periodically updates the leader on the activities related to that function.