Mortgage Cubil: Follow "stop" work of the new penal Victoria

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Follow "stop" work of the new penal Victoria

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas . - The work of the new city prison Victoria , which recorded an increase of just 30 percent , remains suspended because of missing 800 million pesos to finish , recognized by the Secretary of Public Works in the State Manuel Rodríguez Morales.
"There has been no federal resources to continue the efforts we are making ," he said in an interview after his appearance before the local deputies .
The state official blamed the federal government pass the work remain suspended because, he said , just spent 280 million and there are still 800 more to finish it .
"It is a work that we receive under construction, finished the construction phase , we have met all the requirements for accounting problem that has not been the only problem is that this work has not been enough resources," he said.
Morales Rodriguez acknowledged that the work has already deteriorating for the time been detained but said , "It is normal for a work that does not follow your process. Ideally I would have done that , "he said .
He said that the new Penal it recorded an increase of only 30% , then that only has the construction of the fence in the first module , but has some precincts still three additional modules and other high security .
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