Mortgage Cubil: Holder appears SEDUMA in Congress

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holder appears SEDUMA in Congress

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . This afternoon continue the hearings of the cabinet secretaries to the state congress and now is the turn of the Secretary of Urban Development and Environment ( SEDUMA ) by Rene Humberto Salinas Treviño , who right now is in the full Legislature surrendering his work report to local MPs .

During this hearing the secretary , has revealed that his office is working on attention to five torales issues, which are : The Planned Development of Cities, Urban Mobility , the Use of Water, Environment and Conservation and Management Florida and Wildlife .

In this context said " in Tamaulipas will promote the growth of our cities within a framework of sustainability as an alternative to traditional economic development causes serious environmental damage to the planet ," so I said "respect the environment , balanced development and harmonic of the cities and countryside are paira assumptions that make the development of our work and criteria than normal productive activities . "

In urban development works in the SEDUMA identify vulnerable areas requiring vetoed for residential settlements and locate those that are at risk and seek alternatives for the relocation of its inhabitants, so in coordination with the State Directorate for the Protection Municipal civil Atlas updated risk , with special attention to regions that are more vulnerable .

40 public spaces in 12 municipalities were rescued to promote the formation of values ​​and rebuild the social fabric.

In the question and answer part Deputies Labour party representatives , florid Arsenio Ortega, the Citizen Movement of León Alfonso Perales, National Action Party Belen Rosales Bridges , while the Green Party and New Alliance participated Patrick King Crespo López and Erika Castillo, respectively, which questioned the secretary to the criteria used to determine which areas are feasible to create a colony or fractionation , actions taken for the care and water supply , however the subject was questioned modernization of public transport.

Given these questions Salinas Trevino was evasive in responding accurately , however said, " in transport urge modernization of public transport, preferenciado equipment with low environmental impact and redesigning routes to improve and contribute to the reduction of road conflict, rediciendo times after transfer of users and thus increasing the family life and other positive externalities. "

Similarly noted in the last three years were trained 18,000 transport operators, for which lead politely and provide good service , but did not reveal the progress that lead these processes , or the number of units identified as scrap.

On the issue of water revealed that a total of 550 million pesos , 270 million was invested to maintain coverage of 98.5 % water , 42 million in sewer where it remains 87.5% was invested and applied 238 million more for sanitation , which three quarters of the total waste water was treated collectively .

Similarly 29 million pesos were invested to benefit 32 thousand hectares of users risk districts , to acquire machinery, equipment maintenance and will level the land , along 218 million pesos were invested in 93 rehabilitation and modernization of the 5 districts .

Among other actions that informed the Secretary concise way , talking about the responsible management and protection of natural resources , adaptation and mitigation of climate change, conservation and utilization of wildlife , among others.

Note that at the end of the hearing, the holder SEDUMA justified the lack of response given to the assembly , because he said "the time is too short to answer all questions ."

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